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These are items that I personally use, and may be of help if you are purchasing for your art work.  These are Amazon links for which I may receive compensation. 

Jo Sonja Color Mixing Palette

Reasons:  it is a highly pigmented Artist Grade paint, with no binders, so you can add mediums to use it on metal, wood, paper, glass, etc.  Limited number of colors so you won't need a rack for 350 bottles.

If kept on some damp paper towels in container with tight lid, it will keep for weeks.  (or see below).  Without the binders it is very useful as a watercolor paint.  I really like not needing to buy "specialized" paints for glass, fabric, etc.  This does it all with proper medium. Compared to other similar available artist grade paints (Golden, etc), Jo Sonja by Chroma is a better value.

Palette Saver Box

If you use Jo Sonja paint (I can't vouch for others) this palette saver is such a great tool.  I was doubtful, so I only put a few colors in to test it.  It just works to keep paint fresh because of the air tight seal.  I've had to replace the white, which had gotten polluted with other colors and was almost gone, so I cleaned it out with a palette knife, and then a Q-tip.  After a painting session I mist them with water and then buckle it down.  I've been using the same palette for almost a year.  This is an amazon associates link, I may receive compensation when you order.

Sketch Book

These are sketchbooks that I am currently using.  When it comes to sketchbooks, it's a personal thing.  I prefer hardbound, but they come in spiral as well for convenience.  You need to like your book.  The most important thing is the weight of the paper.  Also the feel is to be considered, the book in the middle has a smooth surface better for sketching and more opaque painting.  For watercolor sketching or multimedia (wet) try for a book with at least 90# and higher is preferable.  The paper will likely wrinkle, but smooth out later when dry and book closed.  You don't have to have the more expensive 140# unless you are going professional.

Paint Shaker

IMy favorite !  If you use tube or bottle paints, you know how they can separate if left sitting for too long.  This little device is a frustration saver.  Strap it in and push the button and let it run for a while, it does the trick!  

There are two versions, one battery only and this one which is electric.  I prefer it because, you know, batteries....

Mixed Media

These are all 98# and have perforated edges so you can remove and frame them!

All are 9 x 12"

140# Watercolor paper

Hot press is smooth, Cold Press has a little texture

Pens, Pencils, etc.

Good ol' #2 pencil works great.  Any you have, these bright colors may inspire you :-)

I love this platinum carbon ink pen.  It has a great tip.  The carbon ink dries almost immediately.  I also use the ink below for dip pens and to fill other fountain pens.

Note: if your pen comes with cartridges, they are not Carbon Ink and will bleed.  Order the true Carbon Ink


Any of these will serve well.

"Erasers are for changes, not necessarily mistakes"       Vicki Allwardt 5/20

144 seems like a lot, but apparently less expensive than buying a small number?  Share with family and friends...

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